New York Film Music Foundation Inc is a 501(c)3 nonprofit incubator that provides audio editing and production facilities and services at a professional level for emerging musicians, audio engineers, and filmmakers. It fosters the creative economy of the State of New York by providing a place for artists to have their work produced and distributed, to meet with other artists, and to learn about trends in audio and video editing for the Web and other means of digital distribution.

NYFMF is open to all artists—from the recent art-school graduate to the high school songwriter to the veteran musician and recording artist. The organization is open to media beyond film and music as well—visual artists, fashion designers, photographers, and even actors and directors are welcome to collaborate with its artists.


  • Identify recording studios
  • Find people to mix and master music
  • Schedule and conduct photography shoots
  • Produce short-form films and music videos
  • Find people to produce and edit video
  • Secure performance spaces
  • License music for film
  • Create cover art and merchandise
  • Promote content on social media
  • Subsidize equipment rentals
  • Subsidize recording costs
  • Subsidize marketing costs
  • Process events permits
  • Connect with collaborators


Pre COVID-19, the nonprofit was in discussions with the City of New York to find space for its facilities and activities. Since then, the discussion has shifted somewhat, not to forget or ignore space, but on the availability of commercial real estate in Manhattan, outdoor events, and online services not just with its artists, but the arts community in Manhattan and beyond. NYFMF has produced content in the form of short videos highlighting a number of individual artists in New York City and State—from all walks of life and representing multiple genres. As it expands, it intends to embrace other art forms to highlight the interdisciplinary nature of the arts and technology, and to stand in solidarity with the arts community in Manhattan and New York City, which has lost a major part of its ability to thrive during these times.