Deep Dive Session Abby Mohaddes

Abby Mohaddes is a 20 year old artist currently studying musical theater at NYU Tisch’s New Studio on Broadway. She’s always had too many creative outlets to keep track of, including but not limited to: acting, singing, dancing, songwriting, tap, painting, and sewing.

With her multitude of passions, Abby gravitated towards musical theatre because “it’s a mix of so many different art forms all in one” and she is a performer at heart. The combination of mediums that MT embodies have proven to be a main source of inspiration for her as well: “There’s been so many times where as an audience member watching a musical I’ve been moved to tears or gotten chills or left the theater thinking differently about things and reflecting on my life, and to be able to be part of something that can inspire like that is my dream.”

Abby loves learning from each character she gets to play and getting to step into new experiences they provide; “I feel lucky that in my career I’m able to experience the joy and wonder and make-believe playfulness I had as a child.”

As far as influences go: Mohaddes loves Stephen Sondheim for his musical genius, she picks Ben Vereen as one of the first reasons she fell in love with dance, and favorite actors include Jim Carrey and Robin Williams